Our Customers

BlueScale are proud of our FOR PURPOSE efforts with ‘not for profits’ and ‘for profits’ alike. Since our inception we have worked to empower Owners, Executives and IT Managers to realise the total value of technology through a new approach to IT Outsourcing in all SMB businesses we work with.

By bringing vast knowledge of the enterprise approach into SMB, Aged, Community Care and Not for Profit (NFP) organisations, BlueScale has formed long term customer partnerships that deliver the best price-quality service in the market.

Not For Profit
What goes on behind the screen can get confusing. Data, networking, servers, Back-up and Disaster recovery are terms that are not always addressed but can become large issues for organisations when they are not properly looked after. Our flexible IT support for NFP organisations ensures even the smaller organisations can get the help they need at an affordable and predictable price.

We have been working with NFP organisations since 2010. We pride ourselves in providing an all-inclusive service for one fixed monthly price. No gotchas, no blocks of hours or limits on support tickets. We cover all servers, all sites and all users. Simple and easy.

Aged & Community Care
BlueScale’s largest customers are major providers of mental health and disability care, support and community services. The services we offer are supported by our many years of experience in delivering IT services to NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) providers.

We have developed a lot of knowledge about the particular needs of the NDIS sector and have tailored our solutions and pricing to match (unique requirements include: lots of small sites, clocking devices, many casuals, security challenges, support client IT needs, etc).

We also provide some Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, such as Level 1 support for their time sheeting, shift planning and incident management systems.

Investing in IT for a Better Bottom Line

What Our Customers Have to Say

Their customer service and technical competence is second to none and they are, without doubt, the best outsourced service provider that I’ve ever worked with. The key, for me, is that I am always left with the sense that I am not only their most important customer, but that I am their only customer. Now that is a rare and unusual standard of service!

Clive, Sunnyfield

I would highly recommend BlueScale for complex transformation projects. They can solve large, complex organisational problems, not just through technology and infrastructure, but they take time to understand your business and its strategic drivers and align the solution they provide to them.

Matt, Bendelta