From fixing how integration is done to jettisoning existing tech debt to helping to drive real business innovation, IT transformation should always be done with the business in mind. BlueScale Directors’ combined experience of aligning technology to working business practices gives our clients a distilled and relevant approach to IT and business strategies.

Given there is no one-size-fits-all approach to IT, our Directors’ focus on presenting each of our clients with a unique IT strategy. At the same time, IT should be leading in innovation and enabling new ways to do business. BlueScale has extensive experience with IT Strategic Consulting to major organisations across a diverse range of verticals, including: Sunnyfield, The Green Building Council, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, RTA, NSW Health and Public-Sector Departments, ARUP and many others.

In the past BlueScale have provided strategic input into Business Operations, Business Continuity Process, Disaster Recovery, Cloud, CRM implementation, Training, Client Services and countless emerging technologies and process improvements that helped our clients achieve their core business objectives.

Frequent meetings allow BlueScale to co-develop the business case for investing in new systems to cut longer term costs and risks with others. That being said, most organizations don’t have the luxury of starting over from scratch and your legacy systems inform much of what can be replaced or renewed. BlueScale focus on what will drive the most value whilst aligning IT governance with corporate governance and quality initiatives. It is therefore extremely important that IT resources are aligned with business priorities.

Typically, as part of our service model, BlueScale Directors run four strategic discussions with our clients, one each quarter. Two major reviews in spring and autumn with follow ups during summer and winter months.

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