IT Department
as a Service

The BlueScale model works as an extension of each of our clients to deliver end to end IT services to the entire organisation without the worry of availability, capability, leave, training and staff retention.

The BlueScale service team based in our Sydney head office. Each client is assigned a team of dedicated engineers who develop in-depth knowledge about your culture, processes, physical environments and IT infrastructure. Your dedicated IT team diligently maintain your systems in the background to ensure it runs like a well-oiled machine. If a staff member requires assistance, BlueScale will access the system remotely and fix the issue immediately saving hours of travel time. However, if the issue cannot be fixed remotely, one of the team members will travel to site and personally fix the issue.

Our Service is based on the industry best practice ITIL model, incorporating Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Knowledge and CMDB functions, as key components of an agile and flexible IT Support service that addresses the ever-changing IT needs of your organisation. Our teams continuously update their technical and client knowledge to ensure the best service outcomes for our customers.

BlueScale service model is based on monthly assessment and billing, so you are not locked into a lengthy contract of services that you may or may not really require. As you grow, we will assign more engineers into the dedicated team supporting you.

BlueScale’s end-to-end visibility of the complete client IT environment will allow us to provide the most pragmatic strategic advice based on your complete business requirements

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