What Do We Fix?

Naturally there are a number of technical issues that BlueScale can solve through our services. However, through our work with a number of organisations we have identified the five most common business reasons to move to BlueScale IT Department as a Service

We Fix

Poor Support Quality

You’ve got to get the basics right before you can start to optimise. Projects can’t go smoothly without a solid foundation. You can’t engage your organisation on strategic issues if you can’t be sure you’ll even be able to send an email tomorrow. And you can’t improve staff satisfaction or reduce costs if you can’t track them.

Are your staff struggling with any of the following?

Many organisations have accepted that as a part of their day to day running. Outages are often avoidable when IT is being managed proactively not reactively.

The same problems happening over and over again are a result of poor analysis and diagnosis of the root cause. Without investigation into the cause of the problem the real reason for the issue can never be found and recurrence prevented

It is not a case of if, but when your organisation will experience an attack. Prevention measures must be taken to avoid the a situation from happening but these can take many forms. Correct and relevant consultation should be part of any IT strategy to enable the highest security precautions be taken in  a timely manner.

Fit-for-purpose systems are crucial to the day to day runnings of each and every organisation. Lack of preparedness can severely damage your sustainability and ability to grow.

IT should be the foundation and enabler of business, not the reason it grinds to a halt. Your reliance on technology should be one you can depend on.

We Fix

Key-Man Risk

Truth is that there are some very good in-house people out there. But no matter how good they are they can’t be everything and everywhere at once.

Typically, organisations with a Key Man Risk are already experiencing a range of common problems:
  1. IT grinds to a halt if they are not there, even for day. No one else can move things forward.
  2. Nothing is documentedIf they were to suddenly leave, no one else in the organisation knows where anything is – usually not even passwords
  3. There is a growing backlog of half-finished or yet-to-start projects – either because their IT person is unable to do them, or becuase they themselves know they cannot complete them
  4. There is little visibility or control over what their Key Man is doing. There is no regular monthly reporting. No clear differentiation between their day-to-day support work and their project work.
  5. Finally – they might be a hard worker, but they don’t work under Service Level Agreements, so no one is ever quite sure when anything is going to get fixed.
The best way to address the problem of Key Man Risk is by using an outcome-based managed service – like our fixed-price IT Department as a Service offering.
Our service doesn’t get sick or take leave.
Our service includes maintaining all of the IT processes and documentation required to support your organisation.
Our service offers fixed-price fixed-outcome projects.
Our service is delivered under Service Level Agreements that guarantee predictable resolution times for your employee’s issues.
And we provide regular reporting on what we have been doing, and work with you to create a roadmap to turn IT into an enabler of your business strategy.
We Fix

Project Backlogs

Projects should never be an excuse for uncapped spending, never-ending tasks, lack of due dates, or a margin boost for service providers. Due to the nature of some providers’ charging model, it means they are being rewarded for not completing work that has been promised.

We ask the right questions and define the precise scope to achieve the business outcomes required. We use the most effective resources and deliver outcomes at the agreed budget and schedule from the project initiation to closing. Due to our Fixed Price model, it is in our interest to not only get the project finished but also to have its changes transiton into business operations as efficiently as possible.

We Fix

Unmanageable IT Departments

Do you feel that you lack overall visibility of the IT function? Is it hard to define, prioritise and execute on the organisation’s IT priorities? If your organisation is suffering any of the following symptoms, then your IT Department might have become unmanageable.

You can have all the technology in the world but if it is not helping your people achieve then it is just metal. The value of IT can only be truely realised when it enables your business to be highly efficient and achieve sustainability.

By tracking the satisfaction of IT within your business you can truely calculate the total value of your Information Technology.

Disaster Recovery involves a set of policies, tools and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented, structured approach with instructions for responding to unplanned incidents. This step-by-step plan consists of the precautions to minimize the effects of a disaster so the organization can continue to operate or quickly resume mission-critical functions.

The vendor may have limited or ended support for the product. This could mean that the software is no longer serviced via upgrades, patches, and overall maintenance. This can lead to vulnerabilites in your crucial IT systems if not managed well. It may also mean that costly hardware has not returned on the inital investment.

We Create

Strategy and Value

We help our clients to realign their IT function with overall business strategy to increase efficiencies and sustainability.

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. We believe in an architectural process that finds the best products to address the customer’s business requirements, rather than “fitting” the customer into pre-determined products. Our approach considers the business requirements, operational costs, and return on investment to find the best solutions to address the problem. Maintaining non-exclusive relationships with all vendors allows BlueScale to tap into technical resources when required, without pushing less optimal products onto customers.

Your organisation may be experiencing a complete misalignment of the overall business strategy and IT function. This could mean that the business is missing fundamental technological efficiencies and IT is adding little to the business as a whole.