About Us

BlueScale was created in response to the mis-aligned, often negative, values demonstrated by so many organisations within the IT industry. Our values embody an alternative approach to providing IT services

Our Purpose

BlueScale was founded on and continues with a mission to deliver a new and better IT experience for our customers. The idea was to be the IT department every organisation wished they had – trusted, innovative, flexible, responsive and honest, with an evangelical commitment to service.

BlueScale’s mission is to empower organisations to realise the total value of technology through a fresh approach to IT Management.

Our vision is to redefine the IT outsourcing market and maximise the total value of technology for thousands of organisations who rely on IT every day.

BlueScale was created in response to the mis-aligned, often negative, values demonstrated by so many organisations within the IT industry. Our values embody an alternative approach to providing IT services.

BlueScale promotes honest open communications within the company and with our clients. We build trust with each other and our customers by being reliable, accurate and fair in all our work.

BlueScale is committed to consistently delivering an outstanding service experience. We ensure our work is always well planned and of the highest quality. Through well-designed standards, processes, simplicity and innovation we strive to deliver the best value service and customer satisfaction in the market.

Creation of Shared Value
BlueScale’s always creates shared value. The benefits of our projects and services are shared fairly between all stakeholders. Fairness is the foundation of BlueScale’s goal of building mutually valuable long-term customer relationships.

Our Partners

BlueScale are committed to consistently striving to provide the best quality service to each and every one of our clients. As such two of the unique components of our service are outlined below. We look for quality partners that have similar integrity to ours to ensure we meet this commitment to you.

A service provider should always align its loyalty with the customer. An open book procurement process with a small fixed handling fee ensures that there is no hidden agenda when BlueScale makes recommendations for third-party purchases. BlueScale never makes recommendations because one vendor provides more margin than another does, and because all savings are passed on we focus on providing the service.

A service provider should be completely customer-focused. Through selecting the best prices, solutions and services for a customer based on the client’s requirements and not just on the vendors that they are partnered with. When it comes to choosing or recommending new solutions for our clients, BlueScale are able to put aside vendor loyalties and ensure that we have the right solutions for client’s needs based on our evaluation and research.

Like BlueScale, our chosen partners believe that successful long-term relationships are the best way to build value, the foundation of which is trust and mutual respect.

Our People

Our company culture is integral to our continued business growth and our sustainability. We have purpose built an organisation that is here to provide an environment where ambitious and talented people can find opportunities to learn and develop in line with their potential. BlueScale have lean and effective internal business operations that are continuously improved to ensure we do not waste staff effort and capability

Damien Hogan
Founder & Director

As co-founder, Damien is driven to make BlueScale the IT provider every organisation is searching for – trusted, innovative, flexible, responsive and honest, through BlueScale’s ongoing evangelical commitment to service.

Damien began his career working in web systems and database development before moving into IT infrastructure support and architecture. In his previous roles, he worked with CIOs and business managers from a number of Australia’s major organisations in developing business driven technology strategies within highly complex IT environments. Damien is on a quest to make available the insights he has gained whilst working with large scale organisations over the last two decades to small medium and non-profit organisations.

As CTO he leads the development of BlueScale’s new services and manages the consulting and project practice. Damien has a passion for eliminating IT jargon and enabling business owners to make informed technology decisions.

Peng Chen
Founder & Director

A co-founder of BlueScale, Peng brings over twenty years of IT experience to the organisation. A natural strategic and systematic thinker, Peng has developed great insight into how to combine technologies, organisational processes and people to provide the right solution to clients of different sizes. Peng strongly believes in the good nature of people and of fair, honest business practice.

In his role as the Operations Director, he focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of the BlueScale operations team to support client businesses. With over 20 years of IT, commerce, project management and organisational experience, Peng is shaping the team to ensure the end users have the best IT services supporting their work and ultimately contribute to the success of our clients. His persistence in following proven business methodologies has proven to reduce business risks, whilst delivering projects and products on time and on budget for BlueScale’s customers.