We define IT projects as non-recurring tasks that deliver or remove IT services, such as a move to a new office or the creation of a client extranet. As this can be an extremely time consuming and complex process BlueScale manage, design, coordinate and implement all IT projects for our clients, existing and new. For this reason, BlueScale projects do not fail.

We will provide a project brief for each of these projects with defined business outcome, project scope, schedule and cost for approval before implementation.

Our Project delivery team works closely with our clients to ensure that all projects:

Have clearly stated business objectives

So each project delivers real value, regardless of the technology being deployed.

Are on time and within budget

Full knowledge and technical handover

All knowledge gathered is passed to BAU operations – enabling continuous improvement

In each of the stage we work closely with our client to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. Our project management tool also allows for project stakeholders to participate in projects.

Our project delivery framework is based on 30+ years of project management experience and the Prince2 and PMBOK methodologies. On top of the core blocks and project management components, many practical improvements are now included to enhance on our operational model.

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An “Why are BlueScale Projects So Successful?

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