NDIS Procurement Services

Fixed margin procurement with wholesale pricing visibility

NDIS Procurement Services

Fixed margin procurement with wholesale pricing visibility

Our NDIS Procurement Services

Taking advantage of vendor discounts is a vital component of IT budgeting for NDIS organisations. There are a range of discounts available across software, services and hardware, as well as Bluescale’s own NFP support discounts. Microsoft’s Office 365 NFP discounts in particular are a key enabler of the move to the Cloud.
CIOs and IT Managers need to ensure that they take advantage of all available procurement discounts. Bluescale has years of experience in guiding NFPs to get the maximum vendor discounts.

Bluescale’s unique approach to IT procurement guarantees you never overpay. We share our wholesale pricing with you, and charge a small fixed margin on all asset purchases.

By avoiding the conflicts of interest that come with vendor’s incentives we ensure that Bluescale remains focused on your interests.

A service provider should always align its loyalty with the customer. An open book procurement process with a small fixed margin ensures that there is no hidden agenda when Bluescale makes recommendations for third-party purchases. Bluescale never makes recommendations because one vendor provides more margin than another does, and because all savings are passed on we focus on providing the service with your businesses best interest in mind.

A service provider should be completely customer-focused. Through selecting the best prices, solutions and services for a customer based on the client’s requirements and not just on the vendors that they are partnered with. When it comes to choosing or recommending new solutions for our clients, Bluescale are able to put aside vendor loyalties and ensure that we have the right solutions for client’s needs based on our evaluation and research.

BlueScale gives you Essential NDIS IT Support in Sydney area

Our Procurement Services

NDIS Vehicle purchase services BlueScale Sydney

Infrastructure and Cloud

Bluescale supplies the full range of infrastructure assets – from storage to servers to networking. You can purchase your Cloud and SaaS services directly, or via Bluescale. We can help you take full advantage of your NFP pricing.

In Sydney, we do NDIS purchase iPad services

End-user Systems and Software

Bluescale can source a complete range of end user systems and software from the five leading distributors in Australia.